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There are side effects
of hiring a personal coach

  • Weightloss

  • More energy

  • Mental clarity

  • A drop in medications

  • Feeling alive

  • Personal empowerment

  • Happiness and joy for everyday life

  • A feeling of balance

  • Internal and external peace


  • Slow Transitions

    3 Months = Lasting Change
    Valid for 3 months
    • Feel completely comfortable in your natural state
    • Learn powerful tricks and tips customized just for you
    • Get personalized attention to make the changes necessary
    • Includes 12 private hour-long sessions
  • Personal Coach

    Every month
    Weekly Coaching with 1 on 1 Attention
    • A private session every week
    • Absolute attention and support to meet your needs
    • Membership in a supportive online community
  • Rapid Results

    Seriously fast and powerful
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • One discovery session where I get familiar with the issue
    • One 3 to 4 hour RTT session - yes, only one!
    • One follow-up session 4 weeks after the initial session
    • Unlimited laser coaching for 21 days following RTT session
    • Lifelong transformation for only 4 hours of your time
    • A personalized recording to keep forever
  • The Full Package

    Every month
    Combine Coaching and RTT® for the Ultimate Results
    • A coaching session every week
    • A rapid transformation session every month
    • A personalized recording each month to keep forever
    • Membership in a supportive community to keep the momentum
  • Ultra Flexibility

    Every month
    A FULL YEAR: For those who crave extra love and extra time
    Valid for 12 months
    • 24 PRIVATE one-on-one sessions
    • Six RAPID Results sessions
    • Get a body you not only love, but LOVE to show off
    • DEVELOP incredibly healthy habits
    • Lower your medications and FEEL better
    • Have BETTER relationships with everyone in your life
    • Fully CUSTOMIZED supplement plan for optimal health
    • Full body analysis to know what foods work best for YOU
    • Become a much HAPPIER person and finally enjoy life

What is coaching like? Having a coach is like having a talk therapist and a personal trainer in one. Unlike a consultant, I cannot do the work for you, and unlike a dietician, I can't write you a prescription and send you on your way, I work with your specific desires to come up with a plan that you can easily accomplish on your own since this is LIFESTYLE transformation. Like a personal trainer, I show you the moves and let you do them yourself. We work together to find out what WORKS FOR YOU since every"body" is different. Whatever the goals, you will come out feeling empowered to take the reigns into your own hands. I often say you can learn basketball on your own, but if you train with a coach you'll be blasting others in a game of pick-up in no time. Think of me as someone who gets you to where you want to be fast - like, really fast.

What is RTT? Rapid Transformational Therapy is a revolutionary combination of techniques and modalities developed by Marisa Peer of London, England. She has won multiple awards for RTT and has held the position of Therapist of the Year. Using the power of the mind to rewrite your conscious amazing transformation can take place. I like to say that one RTT session has the potential to knock out 30 talk therapy sessions. ; )

What is an RTT session like? RTT by Marisa Peer uses hypnosis to come to a very RELAXED state where we can talk directly with the subconscious and get to THE ROOT of the problem. Using regression and a powerful transformational recording that you get to keep, it's simple and easy. You just sit back and relax and let your mind to the work. After the session, you just sit back and relax for 15 minutes a day to really sink it all in.

Does this really work? Both coaching and therapy are incredibly EFFECTIVE AT TRANSFORMING ONESELF. By combining both methods you get the best of both worlds -someone that makes it feel easy and someone that is really listening to your problems. Just look at the data - there is plenty of it out there. Heck, look at some blogs; there's nothing better than personal stories and accounts.

What if I can't be hypnotized? If you can relax you can be hypnotized. Everyone can be hypnotized and the more creative you are, the easier it will be. During our first session, we will practice getting into a RELAXED STATE OF MIND. Have you ever meditated? It's just like that where you are ULTRA-RELAXED. I'm happy to send you a recording to listen to so you can practice at home before our session. During hypnosis, you are fully aware at all times to what is going on. You can even interrupt it at any time, just like you can interrupt a mediation at any point. I'm more like a facilitator rather than a doctor poking around inside. I'm leading the session, but your subconscious mind is doing all of the work. You can thank it later. ;-)

I get a recording? During an RTT session, you will be undergoing a powerful transformation. I will be recording the transformation and you will be required to listen to it EVERY DAY (or more) for 21 days, minimum! Every day for three weeks... that's easy enough, right?  It's like your own personal 15-minute meditation. Of course, you'll have it for life so if you want to revisit it at any point, it's all you. :)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for specialized attention without the hefty price tag attached?

I've added some new group sessions, so now's your chance to get on board!

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